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Welcome to the Baltimore City Surplus Schools webpage!  As part of the 21st Century Schools Initiative, Baltimore City Schools are required to surplus 26 school buildings. The properties are all owned by the Mayor and City Council and will be surplussed to the City over the next 10 years to determine re-use of each site.  The purpose of this site is to provide community stakeholders, potential buyers, tenants, and other interested parties with information about each of the school sites and facilitate their reuse.

Engaging Community Stakeholders

The City is conducting engagement with stakeholders to explore opportunities for re-use, including community desires and concerns.   Stakeholder engagement meetings will be scheduled for each school based on when the school is scheduled to be surplussed.  Input can be provided at any time via e-mail.  


Community stakeholder desires and concerns will be shared with those considering proposals for redevelopment.   The purpose of stakeholder engagement is for the City (and any potential future users of the facilities) to understand community desires and concerns.   For a reuse to come to fruition, an appropriate organization must have both the interest and capacity to improve the building and operate the facility.

Seeking Development Interest

With 26 schools being surplussed over the next ten years, there will be many unique development opportunities available. Information about the location, size, timing, etc. of each site is available on the Inventory page of this website.  Based on the information provided,  we are asking interested buyers or tenants to fill out the Expression of Interest.  As applicable, requests for proposals will also be advertised on this site.


Questions, Comments & Additional Information

Please email with your questions or suggestions regarding the re-use of surplus school properties.

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