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Q - What does surplus schools mean?
A - City Schools has determined that certain school buildings are no longer needed in their inventory.  They must go through a formal process to surplus the buildings.  Once the process is complete, the City must determine how to reuse the sites.
Q - How many schools are being surplussed?
A - 26 schools are being surplussed.  
Q - Why are schools being surplussed?
A - The closure and surplus of schools in Baltimore is a product of population decline. Years of population loss have reduced total enrollment in the district from a peak of around 200,000 in the 1960’s to approximately 84,000 today. Despite a relative stabilization of population in recent years, school enrollment remains well below the current building capacity of City Schools, necessitating a reduction in capacity through closures. Charter school enrollment has also impacted the capacity needs of BCPS, but to a lesser degree than population loss.
Q - How were schools chosen to be surplussed?
A - School performance, utilization rate, and building condition and functionality were major factors in the decision to close schools.  The decision about which schools to surplus is made by the Board of School Commissioners.  
Q - Which schools are being surplussed?
A - Here is a list of schools being surplussed, an interactive map, and a pdf map.  The list is subject to change.  Changes, if any, typically occur in December through the City Schools' annual portfolio review.
Q - When will schools be surplussed?
A - Schools will be surplussed between 2013 and 2024.  The list of schools being surplussed includes the anticipated year each school will be surplussed.  The dates are subject to change.  Changes, if any, typically occur in December through the City Schools' annual portfolio review.
Q - What are some of the possible reuses of school sites?
A - Re-use opportunities include City agency and other government use, private re-use of the building (sale or lease), temporary uses, shared uses, and demolition (open space or clearance for new construction). Profiles of potential uses, such as market rate housing, affordable housing, charter schools, community center, and office space, are available to help inform the discussion. 
Q - How can community stakeholders provide input on reuse of school facilities?
A - The City is conducting engagement with stakeholders to explore opportunities for re-use, including community desires and concerns.   Stakeholder engagement meetings will be scheduled for each school based on when the school is scheduled to be surplussed.  Input can be provided at any time via e-mail.  
Q - What should those interested in using or redeveloping a site do?
A - Information about the location, size, timing, etc. of each site is available on the Inventory page of this website.  Based on the information provided,  we are asking interested buyers or tenants to fill out the Expression of Interest.  As applicable, requests for proposals will also be advertised on this site.
Q - Who will maintain the surplus schools?
A - City Schools will maintain the school prior to the surplus date. After the surplus date, the City's Department of General Services will maintain and provide security for the buildings.
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