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21st Century Schools  (WYPR 88.1FM)
Baltimore School Re-Use Examples
Highlandtown Middle School
Agency Partners

Department of Planning - Coordinates the City's multi-agency surplus schools task force and stakeholder engagement 

Real Estate - Arranges for the disposition of any real property no longer needed by the City for public use

Department of General Services - Provides maintenance and security for City owned facilities

Housing and Community Development - Disposes of certain City owned properties (mostly residential)

Baltimore Development Corporation - Disposes of certain City owned properties (mostly commercial and industrial)

Mayor's Office - Provides executive leadership

Baltimore City Schools - Identifies properties to be surplussed

Additional Resources
21st Century Schools - Provides up-to-date information about the 21st Centuries Schools Initiative

Profiles of Potential School Reuses - Includes profiles of uses such as market rate housing, affordable housing, charter schools, community center, and office space

Map of Surplus Schools - Pdf map of 26 schools to be surplussed, subject to change (2-6-17)

Jacobs Report: Facilities Condition Assessment - Summarizes the results of the 2011 Facilities Condition Assessment for City Schools

21st Century Buildings for Our Kids 10 Year Plan - Approved by the Board of School Commissioners in January 2013

Memorandum of Understanding - Clarifies roles and expectations regarding implementation of the 21st Century Buildings Plan

Baltimore City Surplus School Plan - Includes background about the 21st Century Schools and Surplus Schools, information about National Resource Network recommendations, and a summary of the reuse process, opportunities, and challenges (8-1-17)

INSPIRE - Investing in Neighborhoods and Schools to Promote Improvement, Revitalization, and Excellence.  This planning program focuses on the neighborhoods immediately surrounding each of the modernized schools that are part of the 21st Century program, specifically  the quarter-mile surrounding each school

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